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How to play:

To control your character, use the WASD keys and the mouse.

Introducing the game

Parkour game sport is a great online game for lovers of the extreme sport parkour. Try to overcome all challenges on this path to become the best parkour athlete.

Player's mission

You will play the role of a parkour athlete in this game, this is an adventure sport that requires quick reflexes. To overcome opponents, obstacles, and traps on the track, you must run, jump, climb, somersault, and use other skills. Playing the game will test your reflexes and talent while providing entertainment and relaxation.


The game has great, fresh visuals with many effects and details. The game has a 3D visual style that allows you to see your character and the surrounding environment in detail. With the mouse, you can choose and adjust your viewing angle. There are several features available, including custom, multiplayer, group, and solo. You can also personalize your character's appearance, weapons, and costumes. Each track is a unique map with many challenges, obstacles, and opponents. To overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals as soon as possible, you will need to apply your parkour talents.

Have Fun!