Pizza Tower

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How to play:

Conquer the spooky tower in Pizza Tower. Your task is to help the character in the game open all the gates to reach the top of the tower and destroy Pizzaface.

Start the game you will see clearly the vivid graphics of the game. The game is inspired by a few horror elements. But still very funny because the character is created in the game. And here I would like to introduce the character in the game. The character included in the game is Peppino Spaghetti. He is the owner of a pizzeria. But he is being threatened by Pizzaface. Pizzaface is a saboteur and he's at the top of a tower near Peppino Spaghetti's bakery. To protect his pizzeria Peppino Spaghetti decided to go to the low court to confront Pizzaface.

The game begins when Peppino Spaghetti enters the first gate of the tower. Everything in the tower is very scary. Control the character so that he moves to the next gates as quickly as possible. Along the way, he will encounter lively pizzas in captivity. Rescue them all to create a powerful pizza army. The more you run, the stronger the character will become. He can go through walls when running fast. He can even attack enemies with powerful punches. The further you go to the next gates you will witness many surprises. An arsenal of weapons will also be provided when you open the next portal.


  • Platformer games
  • Unique graphics
  • Lots of fun levels
  • Provide you with great weapons
  • Various types of power are equipped for the character


Use the Z key or space bar to start the game

Use arrow keys to move

Use the Z key to jump

To jump high use the up arrow key + A key

Use the X key to run through the wall

Have Fun!