Pokemon Showdown

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How to play:

Pokemon Showdown is a battle between legendary Pokemon characters. Join the game to see if the Pokemon you own can defeat your opponents Pokemon.

Those who love Pokemon surely know that Pokemon characters are very diverse. Each character has a separate development and evolution history. In particular, each Pokemon character has its own power. Starting this game, you will capture and own 5 basic Pokemon: Gengar, Kadabra, Scizor, ... . Next, you'll choose which Pokemon character to launch in the first match. The battle will take place continuously when the first Pokemon is exhausted, you will be able to choose another character to enter the battle. Of the two competing teams, the team that knows how to use the power of Pokemon well that team will win after a few matches.

Power of Pokemon

In the game, you will be given the choice to see what powers the Pokemon you own will use. The initial powers you can apply to your Pokemon are Psychic, Halo Ball, Ice Beans, Fire Blast. Use these powers wisely to destroy the opponent's Pokemon in the fastest way.

Strategy game

The strategy of choosing Pokemon to participate in each match is extremely important. Find out if your Pokemon has any outstanding qualities and can strike to defeat the opponent in the fastest way. The more you play, the more Pokemon you will expand. Capture all of these Pokemon to expand your strategy in the upcoming matches.


Use the mouse to play.

Have Fun!