Popular Wars

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How to play:

Let's build your powerful army in the Popular Wars game. You need to expand your army by turning normal people into warriors in this multiplayer game.

You have to compete with other players in the world. To get the victory, you must own a crowded troop first. In the beginning, the army only has one big character. By all costs, increase the number of troops as quickly as you can. The opponents can't attack and destroy your troop if the number of your army is less than the other.

How to expand your troops in Popular Wars

There are two ways to increase your warriors quickly. Now, let's learn about two ways. One more thing, don't forget to type your username before entering a match.

Collect the white characters

There are many white characters on the playground. They can become your allies if you go through them. It's better to move around the map to find the white warriors instead of standing in the only place to wait for them.

Swallow the army of different colors

Each troop has different colors and you can attack and collect your opponent's army. Of course, make sure that your army must be more powerful than the others. Otherwise, you will be defeated. Look at a mini leaderboard on the right of the screen to see your rank.

Have Fun!