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How to play:

If you have not found yourself a pet to take care of, Pou will be a great game for you to practice. Let's see how Pou grows up in this healthy environment!

Pou is the name of the game as well as the name of the character in the game. To raise Pou you need to take care of daily personal hygiene, eating, and entertainment activities. And an important thing is to keep Pou in a happy, happy state. To do well in this pet care process, you need to pay attention to food, health, and fun.


You need to feed Pou well every day. To know more about Pou's dosage you can look in the daily quest. There, it will specify how much food Pou needs to eat a day and how many times. For example, Pou needs to eat 2 apples a day and eat 7 times.


In order for Pou to have good health, you need to keep Pou clean. Go to the Home section to help Pou shower, brush his teeth, and change into a new outfit. To find out how many times Pou needs to change his outfit, go to the daily quest to keep track.


For Pou to have a relaxed and happy spirit, let him go out in the garden to plant flowers, play with pets and listen to music. In addition, you can let Pou participate in games such as Food Drop, Hill Drive, Sky Hop, Water Hop, and Jet Pou. These activities will make Pou happier every day.

Join the game now to unlock more exciting care services for Pou!

What keys do you use to play?

  • Use the mouse to perform the care process
  • Use arrow keys to join mini-games
Have Fun!