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How to play: is an exciting puzzle game for multiplayer. Come to this game to collect items and kill your opponents by finding their positions.

Move or Pounce? In this game, you will transform into an assassin and go after another assassin's whereabouts. In this arcade game, there are many different square platforms and your opponent is waiting there. Use Move to move in directions within 1 square. In contrast, Pounce allows you to move to cells 2 cells away. Besides that, you can collect some items along the way such as bombs and eyes.

Bombs help you detonate an area around while wards allow you to see enemy positions. Note that, as you collect these items, your location will also be revealed.

In addition, you can select the Find Game, Play with Friends or Play Bot. In the Find Game mode, you have an opportunity to match with a strange person to improve your ability. The Play With Friend mode allows you to invite your friends while the Play Bot will bring you into a battle with a Bot of CPU.

Features of

  • Various game modes to choose
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Collect items and use them carefully

How to control

  • Mouse click
Have Fun!