PunG io

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How to play:

PunG io game where you will fight with your own fists. Gain experience, gold, and currency after each battle. Fight for the accumulation to create a unique character.

Since Pung io is an IO game, all of the other characters in the arena are controlled by actual people from all over the world. You will gain experience points and other in-game currency during each battle to upgrade a number of stats. You can toggle and adjust these stats to build a personalized character that suits your playing style. You can also buy new characters with Gold to add to your set. This encourages you, the player, to create one-of-a-kind, custom characters that can stand out and outperform the competition. You won't be playing against NPCs. Instead, you'll be competing against true gamers. By splitting other players, players will win Gold. The level and stats have no limits.


  • Use the keyboard to navigate
  • Use the mouse to aim the character
Have Fun!