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How to play:
  • You use WASD or Arrow Keys to control your character to move
  • Use Mouse to Aim Weapons
  • After aiming accurately, press the Left Mouse Button to Shoot

Features game

Join the fierce battle in! Your mission is to conquer challenges in the fierce world of survival. Use combat guns to prove you are the strongest gunman.

Game genre is an extremely exciting online multiplayer game where you engage in breathtaking battles against other players. Enter the world of strategic action and experience the feeling of a top-down shooting game with full loot.

Game goal

Your goal is to conquer challenges in Show off your survival skills as you try to extract valuable treasures. Remember, if you fail to extract, you will lose all the loot you have earned!

Some useful tips in

For a better chance of survival, choose a server with fewer people. Or if you choose a multiplayer server, you can participate in a bloody and exciting conflict.

You must master moving and jumping if you want to attack and defend properly. To escape obstacles and gunfire, practice your moving and jumping techniques.

Plan your route thoroughly before you embark on your adventure. Identify potential looting hot spots and strategize your approach to minimize risk.

When possible, avoid unnecessary confrontations. In this game, stealth can be your best friend as it allows you to dodge other players and collect treasure without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Have Fun!