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How to play:

You can use your mouse to drag and swipe the screen to move your raft.

Additionally, you can improve your raft by collecting more raft parts from the ocean.

By touching the screen or clicking the mouse, you can shoot the gun.

About game

Fun game is an interesting IO game with a seafaring pirate theme. Start your journey to explore the ocean from a small raft. Collect as many other rafts to compete with other opponents.


Try to live the longest and have the most points. When time runs out, you can win by having the most points or being the last person on the map.

Some tips in the game

  • Make your raft as big as possible. You can make your raft larger and more durable using Tetris-style parts. It is more difficult for enemies to destroy a larger raft.
  • Add more wood to your raft to make it better.
  • To destroy opponents' rafts and collect puzzle pieces from them, shoot at them. Other weapons, such as drones or missiles, can also be used to cause harm from afar.
  • By taking down your opponents' rafts and collecting puzzle pieces and other objects, you can score points.
Have Fun!