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How to play:
  • To control your character, use the arrow keys or WASD keys.
  • To launch an attack, use left click.
  • If the game allows you to use shields or other defensive abilities, right-click.

About game

Welcome to the beautiful kingdom in the game Start this game and try to defeat other players. Try to become the strongest person in the kingdom.

Game genre

In the online multiplayer game, you compete with other players to level up and earn experience.

Game features

You must face off against all 26 distinct types of opponents. There are 5 types of habitats (including many small habitats) for you to choose from to experience. You will be able to choose from 35 special weapons. In addition, you are also provided with more than 50 unlockable skins.

Your mission in

Your goal is to defeat other players to dominate the kingdom. You need to prepare the spirit and abilities necessary to participate in fierce battles. Try to compete for supremacy and climb the ranks. Be determined to protect the kingdom and show off your fighting prowess.

To enhance and develop your character, collect things or resources from the map.

Try to accumulate experience points and fight enemies to help your character grow.

Have Fun!