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Play - is a multiplayer shooting online game for free. Explore the variety of weapons, fierce competition, and fighting to survive in a battle.

Battle online against other players in real-time using a range of guns, vehicles, and equipment to become a super-soldier. On, it's not just about having a headshot to win a gunfight. A firearm has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To frighten the opponents out of cover, use bombs, and remember to melee if an opponent comes too near. Experiment and find the right weapons for each scenario. There is no one-size-fits-all weapon. Awareness of the map is also critical since it helps you to choose the right weapon for each situation. Running into a confined space with a rifle is a recipe for disaster, so proceed with caution. Go forth and conquer the world.


  • [ W ][ A ][ S ][ D ] to move
  • [ Left click ] to shoot
  • [ Right click ] to use rifle's scope
  • [ Q ] to strike with your weapon
  • [ 1 ]to change weapon
  • [ 2 ] to throw grenades
  • [ R ] to reload
  • [ Space bar ] to jump
Have Fun!