Retro Bowl

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How to play:

Retro Bowl is a rugby game that attracts a large number of players in the US. Your goal in the game is to score more points than the opposing team and win.

Like other games, Retro Bowl also has similar rules to the traditional way of playing American football. Each team has eleven players and are competing against each other. To win the competition, you must score more points than other competitors within the allotted time. You need to pass the ball to your teammates in the most important moment of the game. When you're ready to throw, click and move the ball away from the sprinting player before releasing it. The midfielder will back slightly toward the ball when a teammate catches it. At the start of each turn, click the blue circle to serve back Run. While running, do sliding steps. Another option is to follow the midfielder. To do this, try throwing the ball backward. When he starts to sprint, try to dive or slow down.

In the game, you can customize your team to your liking. Despite the fact that there were no real NFL clubs at first, it still features the familiar logos, colors, and locations of such professional teams. Depending on how much customization you want the game to be done, you can change every team's name and outfit color in the options.

If you are a fan of rugby then Retro Bowl will be a great online game for you. The game runs on all web browsers available on phones, computers, and tablets. Without a doubt, Retro Bowl is a great entertainment game to train you to become the world's number 1 midfielder.


  • Left click to make the ball throw.
  • WASD keys to dodge and slide.
  • Click the blue circle below the player to move up and down.
Have Fun!