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How to play: is a speed racing game of adorable mice. Explore exciting racetracks, collect gold coins all over the track frame to unlock the most attractive skins. You will see the attractiveness and cuteness of the mice with different novelty styles in games. is a fast-paced online multiplayer hamster racing game where you can compete against individuals from all over the world for the quickest times on each circuit!
Have you noticed the gold coins strewn across the level? Remember to gather as many as you can since you can unlock skins and trails in the Play Store to customize your hamster's appearance. Some skins and trails are limited and exclusive, so stay tuned!

Use fans and springs to reach higher locations on the level, where there may be more gold coins to collect or even the level's goal. Be careful when swinging the hammers, as they can knock you out of your way, forcing you to tumble and have to restart from the spawn spot. The stages in this online game are quite difficult, so keep an eye on where you're going since there may be holes and other forms of obstacles that prevent you from finishing the level, jumping, or evading. and pass by so quickly while seeing other players plummet from the sky, what a thrilling experience!

The game also has level editing, so you can make your own tracks and have them instantly added to the game for others to race.

Join the game now to discover new specials in the game. You can also be at the top of the leaderboards and win proud records. Cute mice are waiting for you on the hottest racetracks, let's get started now!


  • Explore endless racing frames
  • Bright, vivid graphics
  • New upgraded skins after collecting gold coins on the track frame
  • Join online on the web browsers available on your computer or phone


  • Use WASD keys to move or arrow keys
  • Use mouse to observe.
Have Fun!