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How to play: is a fighting game with many players around the world. Parachute into a brutal battleground, use your fighting ability to survive.

You and other players will parachute onto the map at the start of the game, look around carefully, and quickly pick up weapons before your enemies pick them up. The playing space will gradually shrink, so if you want to survive, you must always stay in the safe zone. The player who is still alive at the end of the game wins. Decide whether to attack other players to eliminate them or wait as long as possible for your opponent to finish the job. Collect supplies from containers and dead soldiers to fortify your arsenal and win! But be aware that your gear will be very important to your life, always having your guns and armor fully equipped is best.

If you want to lay traps, drop bombs, or fire rockets, this game is for you. Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and various types of equipment will be available for all teeth. Get ready for a new generation of 2D Battle Royale shooters with thrilling gunfights and unheard-of features!

Game tips

You can buy any number of gems that will remove all ads and allow emojis to be used in your nickname. To collect more gems and coins the fastest way is to watch ads. Don't forget to create an account to save your progress during the game.


  • 2D graphics beautifully simulate fierce battles.
  • Survive to the end to assert your fighting skills.
  • The classic battle royale mode is applied in the game.
  • Practice survival skills when the map is gradually shrinking.
  • Discover a variety of equipment and ultimate battle armor.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the E key to jump from the plane / open the chest
  • Left click to shoot
  • Move the mouse to change direction
  • Scroll or 1,2,3,G,X to switch weapons
Have Fun!