Run Run Duck

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How to play:

Jump on the animals on the way to conquer every level in the game Run Run Duck. Transform to become a golden duck with outstanding strength in this game.

The context of Run Run Duck is similar to the Super Mario Riders game, but the characters and gameplay are completely different. Even the game Run Run Duck is more interesting. You will control a golden duck. Your aim is to collect the golden egg to move to a new level. To get to the golden egg location, you need to go through a dangerous road with many obstacles and scary animals that can take your life at any time. Use the run and jump features to overcome all the obstacles and collect all the coins on the track.

Earn more coins

How to earn more coins? During the run, you will run over the bricks. Use jumping force to break them. Break all the bricks you will collect more coins.

Increase the power of golden duck

To increase the power of the golden duck, break the gift boxes on the way. Those gifts will help you become the hero that defeats all animals within 10 seconds. Or these obstacles will help you get an extra life.


  • 2D game with beautiful graphics
  • 8 levels for you to experience
  • Multiple Powers Offered
  • The simple way to move
  • The game is not boring

How to control golden duck

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Left arrow to move left
  • Right arrow to move right
  • Up arrow to jump
Have Fun!