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How to play:
  • You use the mouse to direct the fish's swimming.
  • Left click to make a fish jump.

Trout's journey across the lake

Are you ready to take on the salmon survival challenge in the game You play like a salmon who needs to cross many lakes to return to his home.

Special survival game

The game brings a completely new story. It is completely different from other games with the same survival theme. The game exploits the interesting survival world of salmon.

Face many dangers

In this game, you are threatened by many dangers. You have to face rival fish. More frightening are the ferocious brown bears.

Tasks in

Try to get the most points in this game. You aim to swim as far as possible while overcoming many obstacles. Pay attention to avoid obstacles. This will allow you to progress through the game.

Along the way, you can collect energy sources to increase your swimming strength and speed.

To gain scores of other salmon, you can attack and consume them. Avoid predatory fish that are larger than you because they will easily eat you.

Check the map and take advantage of obstacles to hide from potential predators. To have a chance of survival, try to flee as soon as you are discovered.

Have Fun!