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How to play:
  • To control your cat in the game, you use the WASD keys
  • To adjust the cat's perspective, move the mouse.

About game

Welcome to an incredibly cute soccer match in The players on the field are cute kittens. Start the game now and enjoy this exciting soccer match.

Game genre

This game belongs to the multiplayer soccer genre. You control a cat on the soccer team and try to combine with your teammates to score as many goals as possible into your opponent's goal.

Game graphics

The game has 3D graphics that simulate an extremely realistic soccer field scene. The most special thing in this game is the cats. Different from other soccer matches, this game has special players. These incredibly cute cats will bring you an unforgettable soccer gaming experience.

Some tips in

To play well as a basket player, you need to master how to control your character. You need to know how to move quickly to catch the ball. These skills require mastery. You can practice to control your cat better.

Also, combining with your teammates is extremely important. You need to know how to pass the ball to your teammates if you observe that your teammates are in an advantageous position.

Try to combine both attack and defense to protect your goal. Opponents can attack and score at any time. Don't accept unfortunate defeats.

Have Fun!