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How to play:

Operate spaceships, fire weapons, launch missiles and activate special abilities using the W A S D and MOUSE keys.

Introducing game

The game allows you to participate in fierce battles between spaceships in space. Your mission is to assemble your ship and attack other ships.

Battle between spaceships

Are you ready to participate in dramatic space battles in the game Can you become the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy? Try to use your talent to successfully assemble the greatest ship!


As a spaceship pilot, you will participate in two-dimensional space combat with other players.

You must gather materials, purchase components, and weapons, and arrange them however you see fit to build and upgrade your spaceship.

Throughout your trip, you must dodge obstacles and traps, try to destroy your opponent's spaceships and collect resources and goods.

Becoming the spaceship with the greatest power and longest lifespan in the game is your goal.

Highlights of the game

One of the best features of is the graphics. It helps increase the appeal and drama of the game. The images of the game are beautiful, modern, and full of colors and vivid effects. You can see both your spaceship and other opponents in the game's 2D space design. Players will enjoy the variety and fun created by the unique shapes and effects of each part and weapon. Your spaceship's color and shape are also customizable. The vast universe in which the game is located is home to many stars, planets, and meteorites.

Have Fun!