Shipnt io

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How to play:

Shipnt io exciting adventure game, your mission is to control the boat through the winding river to reach the final point. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose funny characters that are the ones to control the boat.

The ship will move properly according to the physical movements. Control the character on the boat by clicking on the character and dragging in the direction of your choice, when you let go, the character will return to the original position. There will be two typical characters on the ship to choose from. If no one is present or if they disconnect, you can use both avatars to move faster, but watch out because the force inside will prevent the ship from maneuver easily.

Upon the end of the game, players can go free, even return to their regions of origin. You will ride a boat on the ground as a friendly treat!

The game can also be played handheld, controls are identical, and your Avatar can be pulled to drive your boat.

In the game, there is a world talk. Be kind and follow the rules, otherwise, you will be banned from the conversation.

Use the mouse to control

Have Fun!