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In the popular online game, you control a glowing snake that moves around a wide area of nothing but colored dots. Your snake must eat these dots to grow, but doing so can be dangerous, as other snakes being controlled by the player like you are likely to eat you. Even if you are a nerd, you still have a chance to win. No matter how big you are, you can still beat a much bigger opponent!


  • You can see the overall view with the small map in the corner of the screen.
  • When you have a good length, you can attack other snakes by blocking their heads or surrounding your opponent to take them down.
  • Pay attention when moving enough so as not to crash into the limit wall.
  • Do not use too much acceleration because it will cause you to consume a lot of energy.
  • When other snakes are destroyed, they will be released all the food they have collected. Take advantage of this opportunity to collect a lot of food and quickly increase your score.
  • When your size is large enough, you should be careful when moving because other opponents are trying to beat you to earn a lot of food.
Have Fun!