Slope 3

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How to play:

Slope 3 is an unlimited rolling ball game in 3D. Join the game and control the ball to go as far as you can, explore endless tunnels and dangerous obstacles.

An endless game space will appear right in front of your eyes as soon as you enter the game. Your main aim in the game is to control the ball across the high 3D roads and go as far as you can. More than that, you have to control so that your ball does not rush into the red lines and roll off the track. Note that after the spectacular flight in the air, you also need to control the direction of the ball to land safely, otherwise the ball will deviate, lose gravity and fly out of the track. Fast-paced gameplay and engaging sound will be the motivation for you to stay in the game longer and conquer the highest score. After each turn, the leaderboard will appear, become the person with the highest score in this endless game!


  • 3D space creates a realistic and endless race track.
  • Item levels are gradually increasing.
  • Many dangerous and unpredictable obstacles.
  • Full-screen mode is activated.


  • Move left: Left arrow
  • Move right: Right arrow
Have Fun!