Slope Ball

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How to play:

Slope Ball is an arcade game based on the running theme. Control yor ball to overcome obstacles. Rescue the mascots to find peace for this planet.

This game is simple game. It simply starts out as a blocky character and can jump. Inspired by the style of Super Mario Bros, this game promises to bring many moments of fun to players. You will join the adventurous adventure with the same ball. This ball explores a new planet inhabited by cursed mascots. Help these mascots find their true nature. Return peace to this planet. Are you ready to face the upcoming challenges? Once you start, you won't be able to stop.


Before starting the game, you need to familiarize yourself with the buttons present in the scene.

  • Button Land Scene: Click on the image of the mascot to switch to different lands. This is a separate place for each mascot.
  • Button Level Scene: Click the level icons on the main screen after you have selected the land. The next level is unlocked after you complete the previous level.
  • Button Change Player: Switch to the scene to change the player. You have a wide selection of characters. Each character is uniquely designed. Change character image and player colors for exciting adventures!
  • Button Setting: Displays the settings panel. You can set 4 elements: Music, Difficulty, Game Mode, and Progress Bar.

Players and Items

The player included has all different icons. You can become Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, or Spider. Each character has a different way of moving. For example, the ball moves on the ground in a straight line while the Ship flies in the air. Besides, the items in the game are also very diverse. Items include portals, spacers, and rings. The portals help you switch characters. You can jump when you touch the pads.


Your task is to control the ball. Jump over the obstacles and reach the finish line safely. You have 11 levels to challenge yourself. The levels will become more difficult over time. You need to show your control to overcome the dangers. Have a nice time!

How to control: Use a mouse click, the up arrow key, or the spacebar to jump.

Have Fun!