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How to play:
  • You hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to move your character.
  • Left click to perform a hammering action.

About game is a fun multiplayer fighting game. In this game, you control your character to run while trying to attack other opponents with a giant hammer.


As a player, you control a character whose weapon is a giant hammer. Your goal is to defeat all enemies and become the last survivor.


The simple rule of the game is to knock out other opponents without being knocked out! To get bigger and stronger, you can also eat candy.

Character options

You can customize your character in the game instead of creating a pre-made character. Many skin options are available for you, including cat, bear, fox, monkey, mouse, dragon, and more. Additionally, you have a wide variety of hammers to choose from, including fire, ice, stone, diamond, iron, wood, and more.

Some tips in this game

  • To create a wide area of impact that can kill multiple enemies at once, keep hammering. Candy can also be broken and eaten by hitting it with a hammer.
  • Avoid other enemies by moving quickly, especially if they have a bigger hammer than you. The hammer can also be used to deflect their attacks.
  • Use containers, bombs, and cars, among other things, on the map. With the hammer, you can create huge explosions or force them into enemies.
Have Fun!