Snake io War

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How to play:

Snake io War is a fun arcade game for multiplayer. In this game, you will transform into a snake and collect bright dots to be bigger and attack other players.

This game includes three game modes, including Classic endless mode, limited-time mode, and 30 snakes fight. In classic endless mode, you will be matched with random players. You will have to fight the players for as long as you can. The game only stops when you die. In contrast, in limited-time mode, you and other players will engage in a battle within a limited time. The person who survives last or has the most points after the time runs out becomes the winner. Finally, in 30 snakes fight mode, you will fight with 29 other players. The winner is the last person left. Select your favorite game mode and show your skills!

Features of Snake io War

  • Colorful graphic
  • Various game modes
  • Multiplayer

How to control

  • Use your mouse to play the game
Have Fun!