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How to play: MLG is a unique and exciting snake game. In this game, you will benefit from a completely different species of snake from the fast-food ones.

Game overview

A very cool and funny snake-themed IO game called MLG. You will control a snake in this game and it will grow by eating things like popcorn, pizza, and soft drinks. Furthermore, you can run faster than other snakes by increasing your speed. They leave a trail of money when they hit you, which you can gobble up to become even bigger! The game makes many allusions to famous memes in its text, audio, and visual content.

Some tips in MLG game

  • Popcorn, pizza, and soft drinks are delicious meals that will help your snake grow in size. It would help if you also collected cash.
  • To overcome other snakes, increase your speed. They will leave a financial trail when they reach out to you, which you can use to expand further.
  • You should only attack smaller snakes.
  • You can form a team and join the fight with your friends.
  • To add more fun to the game, you can combine famous memes.
Have Fun!