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How to play: is a fun arcade game. You have to control a cute snowball to eat the orbs, grow your mass and attack other players. An addictive game!

This game is a competitive game that takes place in an arena. As a Snowball, you must continuously roll through a snowy field. You continue to grow in size as you walk. To grow even bigger, you must absorb colorful orbs and other Snowballs smaller than you! When two Snow Heroes collide, the larger eats the smaller. So stay away from the bigger ones and go after the little ones. However, be mindful of certain obstacles such as trees, rocks, and snowmen to avoid. If you hit them, you will lose a considerable amount of mass, so be careful.

Features of

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Various dangers and obstacles
  • Cool graphics and art animation
  • Cute characters

How to control

  • Click Left Mouse Button to sprint
  • Click Right Mouse Button to jump
Have Fun!