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How to play: is an exciting action game where you try to defeat enemies by getting other players off the snowy platform. Create your snowball and fight!

What could be more enjoyable in the winter than collecting snowballs and throwing them at the adversary while attempting to avoid incoming shots?

To eliminate other players from the battle, you must control a snowman and throw snowballs at them from all across the world. Collect snowflakes on the ground to grow your snowman's size and the number of snowballs you can throw. Simultaneously, you must strive to escape being hurled by the snowballs. Otherwise, your opponents can destroy you! Today is your chance to become a snow battle legend and conquer the snow war arena!

Features of

  • A snowman fighting game
  • Challenging battle
  • Different power-ups in the game
  • Smooth animations

Release Date

Nov 06, 2019

How to control

  • WASD to move
  • Release keys to throw the snowball
Have Fun!