SoniK Run

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How to play:

SoniK Run runs and explores fun new worlds with SoinK. With this wonderful 3D environment, you will be immersed in the living space with SoniK. You need to control Sonik to overcome all obstacles on your run. Unleash the jump of this super-fast caption that will help you break the obstacles along the way. Run straight ahead and explore epic courses in free game.

Collect all gold and diamond rings on the run, jump over barriers, and speed around the rings, use the stars of SoniK to avoid danger. Also, attack the enemy with Sonik's destructive attack.


Use the mouse to control Sonik.

Race frantically with SoniK Run to explore the endless game world and enjoy the time of great relaxation. In addition, the games in the io games will bring you surprises, conquer them all.

Have Fun!