Squid Challenge 2

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How to play:

Squid Challenge 2 is an exciting adventure and action game based on the popular movie Squid Game. You have to complete all missions of each level to win!

This game is the next fantastic version of the Squid Challenges series. Are you a fan of the well-known South Korean movie Squid Game? If you are, Squid Challenge 2 can not be ignored. The new volume comes back and is predicted to bring players wonderful experiences as deadly races in the Squid Game movie.

Your mission is to control a character in a green suit, finish tasks, and proceed to the next levels. This game includes six levels. Each level has unique challenges which require you to pay special attention to gameplay rules and have problem-solving skills. Good luck!

Features of Squid Challenge 2

  • Fun and exciting gameplay
  • Different levels with various tasks
  • Changing environment and landscape

Release Date

  • Feb 15, 2022
Have Fun!