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How to play: is a thrilling online survival game inspired by Netflix's Squid Game series. Join the game of passing the green and red lights and experience.

This is a game that requires your whole concentration. Although you may be familiar with the game Squid, we bet you haven't tried the SQUID Game. It's a quick and deadly game that advances at a breakneck pace. When the green light comes on you will be allowed to move, but when the red light comes on you will have to stop immediately. But that's not the only rule, pay attention to the doll in the game when it turns. As soon as it sings, that's the song you're allowed to move forward. When it stops singing anyone who continues to move will be shot immediately. Be careful. Move as fast as you can to cross the red line before time runs out. At the end of the game if you are the winner you will get a huge reward!


Compete with all the players in the game to move forward. Use mouse or WASD keys to move.

Have Fun!