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How to play: - Conquer the World is a challenging territory defense fighting game. Use logical combat techniques to defeat your opponents and expand your territory.

In the game, your mission is to command the battle and conquer all the territories zoned on the map! Attack enemy areas and capture enemy territory, while defending your boundaries. Your regions are indicated in blue. The remaining territory colors are all your opponents that you have to stop their attacks. Be a true strategist in both offense and defense because every action you take counts.

Your logic and reflexes will be tested by this cell fighting game. To get the advantage from the beginning, you need to exploit the gray lands first to own that land. This will give you more chances to beat your opponent. Moreover, you need to know how to combine and calculate sensitively to combine territories together to defend and attack enemy troops. Tactics are important and required in this military simulator. By solving these strategic dot puzzles, you can become a hero!


  • Rich graphics with diverse territories.
  • Many levels of play for you to experience and explore.
  • Play 1v1 in the first levels, the higher the level you will have to face more opponents.
  • Train your brain to be sharp in tough attacks.


  • Use the mouse to drag to position territories and conquer.
Have Fun!