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How to play: is a dramatic fighting game that cannot be missed. You will join this war with the most modern weapons including tanks, planes, spaceships and robots. You must take part in a conflict between the red and blue forces. Spaceships, robots, tanks, planes, and other forms of troops are all available for selection. While defending your own units, you must demolish the enemy's base and other structures. Additionally, you can bolster or support teammates by using unique weapons and abilities.


  • Arrow keys or WASD can be used to move and clicking can be used to shoot.
  • The number keys can be used to activate various abilities, including firing lasers, launching missiles, building shields, and more.
  • By typing a message and pressing the Enter key, you can connect with teammates.


  • You should choose a type of combat vehicle that suits your tactics. There are many different types of units and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • To assist or support colleagues, you should use unique tools and capabilities.
  • You must adapt in your movements and take advantage of the map's terrain. You can also dive underwater or fly through the air to attack or avoid enemies.
  • While defending yourself, you should cooperate with your teammates to destroy enemy bases and units.
  • To hone your abilities and strategies, you need to play regularly.
Have Fun!