Stick Running

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How to play:

Stick Running platform game based on the speed of stickman, running non-stop to overcome obstacles. The controller jumps over obstacles easily by clicking the up arrow, clicking repeatedly to attach the man to jump higher. Speed ​​does not control. So use the flexible feature on your fingers to control the Stickman through all the obstacles.

The difficulty will increase gradually, lasting for the longest time is the best way for you to break the records. When there are and obstacles, obstacles will have to start over. Let's see how fast your speed and limits are in this game!

Release date

October 2017

Game features

With vivid 2D graphics, you will control Stickman to run non-stop through all obstacles. The difficulty of the game increases gradually as it lasts longer. Conquer your highest score right in this game right now.


Use arrow up / down to control

Have Fun!