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How to play:

You use the mouse to control your black hole.

Creative points in Stickhole is a fun game based on the original hit game You control a moving black hole to collect stickmen for the boss fights in each level.

This game is a version based on the game but has its unique creations. Different from collecting stuff in the city of the original version. In this game, you control a black hole in an arena. Also, it is a multi-level and untimed game.

Black Hole collects stickmen

Your mission in this game is to collect all the stickmen for the boss battle. Your black hole can swallow stickmen when you control it to their feet. Then the black hole will take you to the place where the boss appears. Bosses are aggressive monsters. To pass the level you need to defeat him. But to win you need a lot of people to join forces to fight. Because he is big and very strong, you need a large army.

Have Fun!