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How to play: 2 Chaos Giant is an intriguing fighting adventure game. You have to collect light dots on your way to improve your power and fight other players.

In this game, you will participate in a multiplayer action game where you have to compete with other players. Your objective is to collect light dots to improve your level with a bigger size and stronger power. Take advantage of your high level to kill your opponents using weapons. You can see the leaderboard on the left top screen to check your rank as well as the dead players. Eliminate enemies to get coins. Try to survive as long as possible and kill as many enemies as possible!

Follow your achievements on the main screen. You can see your last playing round and the best game round. In addition, You can spin the lucky spin, finish tasks and receive daily bonuses to gain rewards such as starting at level 5, gaining x5 or x10 coins, unlocking new superhero skins, or increasing 1% attack speed.

Features of 2 Chaos Giant

  • The fascinating action game for multiplayer
  • Collect light dots to improve your level
  • Complete daily bonuses, lucky spins, and tasks to get rewards
Have Fun!