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How to play: is a multiplayer fighting game where you have to knock out other players while collecting glowing gems to increase spin's speed and size.

You can change the appearance of your spinner before starting a match. The most crucial thing in this game is glow gems. You may progressively raise your spin speed and size by collecting them! Rush into slower players to kill them and take their gems. However, be beware of quicker players who can steal your gems and even kill you if the gap is too big. Increase your speed to pursue other players and escape more quickly. To increase your speed, start slow and progressively accumulate gems. Avoid unnecessary conflicts until you've improved your speed. Then, it's time to put on a show!

Features of

  • Multiplayer
  • Different spinner skins
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animation
  • Simple controls

Release Date
Dec 07, 2018

How to control

  • Use your mouse to move around the map
  • Press the left mouse button or the space key to boost
Have Fun!