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How to play:
  • Use WASD keys to move your character on the map.
  • Left click to perform attacks.

About game is an exciting action-fighting game. In this game, you will participate in a dramatic battle with other opponents. The weapon you are equipped with is a gun.

Game features

This game features a fast-paced platform fighting game, exciting action, and a wide variety of weapons. You can play competitively with friends, using strategy to win matches.

How to play

You have the option to start a new room or join an existing room.

Select a character from the options list. Each person has their abilities and weapons.

Use defensive or evasive techniques to prevent your opponent from attacking you.

To power up your character, collect objects and boosters on the map.

Face off against other players and try to be the last one standing.

Some useful tips for you

The main goal in every game is to locate weapons. If you find this difficult to do, try using the 'wall break' ability to make your punches more powerful.

If your opponent has a weapon, try to avoid being attacked. Another option is to back away, although doing so may put you against the wall. Try jumping over your opponents as an alternative.

'Impel' and 'Upsurge' are two skills that can help you get away from or close to your opponents. It's important to note that most weapons are ineffective at close range, so try to get close and start attacking your opponent.

Holding a weapon that is not appropriate to the situation. Such as the Great Sword at long range. Or Bazooka while the opponent is above you or a revolver at close range. These mistakes are common among new players. Dropping your weapon is often preferred because it frees your hands to handle other weapons and makes you go faster because that weapon slows you down.

Have Fun!