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How to play:
  • Depending on how the game's controls are configured, you can move your character using the direction keys or WASD on the keyboard.
  • The left mouse button can be used to shoot or launch an attack.
  • Pressing the right mouse button can be used to sprint or perform other unique tasks, depending on the game.
  • Press the F key to open the door of any room you see.


Join the survival fighting game! This game is similar to the game. You must explore the endless simulator world, find weapons, and fight.

Game missions

You will collect tools to increase your strength, medical supplies, and weapons in the game. Every time you play, the location of each rock, tree, building, bunker, and river on the randomly generated game map will change, giving you a unique and unpredictable experience.

Game modes

In Solo mode, you can fight alone, in Duos mode with a companion, or in Team Battle you can form a team of four players. In addition, the game also allows cross-platform play so you can play on multiple devices with friends.

How to play

  • To start the game, select your preferred game mode and the nearest server.
  • Find resources and weapons: As soon as the game launches, explore the map to locate weapons, ammunition, and support supplies like armor or health potions.
  • To survive as long as possible is the goal of the game. To win, you must stay away from or defeat other players on the map.
  • Try to get to the top of the leaderboard by trying to defeat every opponent you encounter to accumulate points and rise to the top.
Have Fun!