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How to play: is a snake game inspired by and game where players control a snake and consume as much sushi as possible to become the biggest snake in the arena to survive.

SushiParty.IO Guides

The game is set in an open-wide area filled with different kinds of sushi pieces like sashimi, sushi rolls, and many other kinds of food. Players start as a small snake, navigate around, and eat as much food as possible to grow. The main objective of the game is to become the biggest snake.

There are many other snakes in the arena and they will try to defeat you. You can eliminate them by getting them to hit your body. And you also need to try not to hit their body to survive.

You can take advantage of the speed boost to accelerate and outmaneuver them. However, using this feature will cause you to decrease your size.

Try to survive in the game and climb up the leaderboard!

Game controls:

  • 1 Player: Use arrow keys or left mouse button to move the snake.
  • 2 Player:

Player 1: Arrow keys = move.

Player 2: ESDF = move.


  • Game Modes

Besides the Single player mode, Sushi Party io game offers a 2-player mode that allows players to enjoy it with a friend!

  • Character customization and Accessories

Players can customize their snake character with different accessories like hats, and glasses, and paint the snake new different skin colors.

  • Achievements and rewards

As you complete a certain task, you can unlock an achievement and earn rewards for that.

  • Kawaii graphics

The game features cute graphics and sound effects that make it visually appealing to play.

Have Fun!