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How to play:
  • Control your warrior to move with the arrow keys or the letters A, D, W, and S.
  • To attack your opponent with your sword, left-click
  • You can also change your sword type by pressing the number keys

Become the strongest warrior

Join the game to explore a completely new world. You play as a warrior whose only weapon is a sword. Attack other opponents to become bigger.

Game missions

Your goal is to win by eliminating other opponents and becoming the last one standing. On the giant map, you can also explore every area. You will observe a wider range as your warrior grows in size.

Game rules

  • You will play the role of a sword-wielding warrior. Your goal is to defeat all opponents and win.
  • You can dress your warrior any way you choose and unlock a variety of swords and clothing.
  • There are 3 game modes for you to choose from, including battle royale, team, and solo.

Some tips in game

To avoid your opponent's attacks, move quickly. You can determine the time and direction of the attack by observing the red circles.

Choose the most suitable type of sword in each case. By pressing the number keys, you can switch sword types. Each type of weapon has its characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages. for example, giant swords have a wide range, high damage, and slow attack speed. Short swords do little damage but can attack quickly and at close range.

Take advantage of the candy, shoes, and hats marked on the map. You can wear shoes to increase movement speed, wear hats to increase defense and eat candy to increase strength and score points.

Have Fun!