Tactics Core

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Tactics Core is a battle of fierce battleships and aircraft in the air. Your mission in the game is to defend the base and destroy all enemy troops.

Before entering combat, you can choose from a variety of warships, each with its own set of stats and weapons. In the game, you will be divided into 2 teams that are a blue team and a red team. You will be a warrior of the blue or red team. You must defend your base even when going out to engage the enemy. In addition, you and your teammates must work to destroy their base. Each team has a limited amount of supplies to work with. A new enemy unit will arrive where you killed and the enemy team's source code will be reduced. A new enemy unit will arrive where you killed and the enemy team's source code will be reduced. All base defenses will explode when supplies run out, exposing the Command Center. You should note that leveling up and gaining experience both happen when you kill enemy units. You can buy upgraded and newer units as you level up. Each unit has a base attack and a unique skill. Use both to help shift the balance of battle in your favor. Destroy the enemy Command Center as a team before they destroy yours!

Explore the battleships in the game Tactics Core

Starting the game you will experience Javelin. Javelin is an artillery army that enhances firefighting to repel opponents. Besides, you will experience Manta, which is a fighter that helps you destroy opponents in the air. To get more advanced units you need to increase the number of kills to unlock more advanced units like Harpy and Gladiator. Moreover, super units like giant flying battleships and Ion Cannons are also waiting for you to unlock. All battleships will help you destroy your opponents fiercely and quickly.

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  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the left mouse to shoot
  • Use 1 key to use the special skill
Have Fun!