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How to play:
  • You use the WASD keys to control your tank's movement.
  • Left click to make the tank fire its cannon.

Become the strongest tank in

Join a tank war with unique graphics in game. You will experience a 3D world with stunning visual effects. Control your tank to move and fight!

Four-player battle

In the game you will participate in a battle between 4 small tanks. Four colors are corresponding to each opponent. You can see the players based on their color. There are blue, yellow, red and green. Choose your favorite color and start the tank war.

Instructions for playing

When you start the game, you will appear in this beautiful 3D arena. You need to move quickly to explore the map. If you encounter an opponent, launch an attack immediately.

You can collect items on the map to increase your health. The shield icon will help you block bullets from opponents. The red plus icon will help you refill your network. When you see your life bar running low, quickly look for the red plus icon.

Always be wary of your opponents and know how to move cleverly. Use the walls as bulletproof targets. It will help you block bullets effectively and safely.

Have Fun!