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How to play:

You control your tank with the arrow keys and mouse.


Join the tank war in the game In this game, you control a tank and start fighting other tanks. Try to become the best tank fighter!

Game genre

The game belongs to the dramatic combat action game genre. Each player controls a tank and participates in this multiplayer war.

Game modes

The game includes two main game modes: Conquest and KingDM. Try your tank fighting ability in each game mode. This also helps you find the right game mode for you.

Game missions

Your goal in is to capture areas. Try to reach 1000 points first with your teammates to win the round.

Some suggestions for you

  • Each type of tank has its quality and capacity. Find the one that best suits your playing style by doing some research. Remember to regularly upgrade your tank to increase defense and firepower.
  • To gain a tactical advantage, stay on the move and stay away from repeating patterns.
  • Use traps to surprise your opponents and predict their actions to launch more powerful attacks.
  • Always pay attention to the health bar on your tank to avoid it being destroyed.
Have Fun!