Tap Tap Shots

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How to play:

Tap Tap Shots is a most exciting dynamic basketball sports game. You just need to click to put the ball into the basket in the fastest and most accurate way.

You will think the game of basketball will be much simpler when participating in this game. With simple clicks, you put the ball into the basket in your own way. Each click of the ball will be higher than a certain distance, consecutively clicking the ball will go up continuously and that is the main operation in the game. Depending on the height of the basket, you can control the ball up or down at the most appropriate level. Besides, you need to pay attention to the time to put the ball into the basket. The time for you to throw the ball into the basket passes very quickly, it is shown in the top time bar. Take advantage of the last seconds to throw the ball into the basket most accurately. If the ball goes out of the basket and the time runs out on any level, you will have to play again on that same screen. It's also easy because the first round will not be timed until you throw the ball into the basket. Join the game many times to have the ultimate basketball shooting skills.

Besides, you will also discover the special fireball feature in the game. Normally when you throw the ball into the basket you will get 2 extra points, but when there is a fireball it doubles for each time the ball enters the basket. This will also be an opportunity for you to increase your score. Play the game to the fireball screen you will feel this refreshing!


Simple graphics, and harmonious colors. Addictive easy gameplay. Many interesting levels for you to experience. Nice slow feature in every last second of each level.

How to play

Use the mouse to click

Have Fun!