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How to play: is a fun multiplayer game, play with another team or go it alone and win prizes in tournaments and upgrades. To win tournament prizes, earn coins, and upgrade your players with shirts, emojis, sprays, and more, you have to make concessions. We will meet on the fields! When you fight with weaker people you will gain great combat experience. can be played alone, with friends or with players from all over the world online. The game is fully unlocked and playable without lag. The game since its release has had a lot of good likes, reviews and comments. So what are you waiting for without joining the game right now.

Tips when joining the game

  • The mouse wheel may be used to zoom in and out.
  • Don't squander your strength. It should be kept for future activities.
  • While your opponent attempts to aim, you can push him.
  • Playing against higher-level players might be difficult, but it can also be rewarding.
  • On the League, click on a player or a name to bring up the profile screen.


  • Use the mouse to move around
  • Kick the ball with the left mouse button
  • Sprint with the right mouse button


  • W,S,A,D or the arrow keys to move around
  • SPACE for kick
  • Q for sprint

Organize a bespoke friendly game with your pals or find a match in a solo/team league. Chat with other players in-game or on the Teamball discord server.

Have Fun!