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How to play:

Terraria is a very unique survival game. You will discover a wonderful underground world as you mine and collect all the resources available in the game.

Item Mining

The items in the game are not simple. Your task is to use rudimentary weapons such as hammers, swords, and axes to start mining resources. In the process of mining resources, you will encounter valuable metals. Collect them to create weapons of great power. For example armor, magic weapons. Use these new weapons to destroy enemies and other creatures that stand in your way.

Improve your life

Entering the game you will be fully charged with life and energy bar. But they are quite weak because when you collide with creatures in the way, it will consume a lot of life and energy bars. The deeper you go underground, the more dangerous enemies you will encounter. So try to keep life and energy bar as much as possible. To improve energy and life try to collect and craft items.


  • Pixel graphics with many beautiful details
  • 500 types of combat weapons for you to discover
  • Various items give different powers
  • Simple controls

How to play Terraria

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use your mouse to attack or dig or place items
  • Use the E key to open the chest
  • Use the keys 1 to 8 to select your tool or item
  • Use the L key to turn on/off anti-lag
  • Use the C key to open the control panel
  • Use the space bar to click free Lag
  • Use T to talk
Have Fun!