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How to play:

The world's most popular classic puzzle game Tetris is here. Match the basic blocks provided in the game to make a difference. Train your reflexes skills now!

Rules of jigsaw puzzles

The game will give you blocks, your task is to put these blocks together. When the blocks are stacked together to form closed horizontal rows, that horizontal row will automatically disappear. The more horizontal rows disappear, the better. Because then your score will be increased and there is more area to stack the next blocks.

The flexibility of fingers and brain

The later the blocks will move faster. So you need a harmonious combination of fingers and brain. Fingers will manipulate to change the texture of the blocks to suit your puzzle plan. Your brain needs to be flexible to arrange the blocks in the right position. If you can flexibly combine these skills, you will become a puzzle genius that not everyone can do.

How to jigsaw

  • Use the left arrow key to move the block to the left
  • Use the right arrow key to move the block to the right
  • Use the up arrow key to change the texture
  • Use the down arrow key to move the block faster
Have Fun!