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How to play: is a fun multiplayer game. In the control game Among move and find the best way to overcome danger. Join and win the top 1 in this fun game. All participants in begin on an equal footing. A lava lake is several levels under our feet. It is difficult to escape it, but you will win if other players fall there before you. Dodge, come up with creative strategies to defeat your opponents - do whatever it takes to save your dinosaur from the pitfalls.

Game Tips:

You'll need to figure out where you'll move to each turn. The surface beneath your feet will quickly melt, and the longer you stay in each level, the better your chances of winning the race. Simply invite your friends to join in a fun and friendly environment!

Features of the game:

  • Game with funny, funny graphics
  • Experience dramatic turns
  • Compete with other players to win
  • Join online games on web browsers available on computers and mobile phones.


  • Use the WASD key to move
  • Use mouse to rotate
Have Fun!