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How to play:

Join the multiplayer strategy game now! In this game you need to try to turn all the maps into your territory by constantly moving and zoning. In the awesome multiplayer IO game, your goal is to capture as many blocks as possible. You must try to change every block on the map to the same color, starting with a random color. Although this game seems simple, remember that you still have to compete with other players. You have to stay away from them or try to trap them in your squares so they collide with you.


  • WASD or arrow keys for movement
  • Stop: E or P
  • Game over: Esc
  • Play/Skip Death: Enter

Some tips

You can choose your favorite color to participate in this fun game.

You should take advantage of the opportunity when there aren't any opponents near you to expand your territory quickly.

You need to be careful while moving. Be wary of opponents or you will be attacked at any time.

Have Fun!