Tiles Hop

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How to play:

Tiles Hop is a fun rhythmic ball control game. Start the game and enjoy the most vivid taste. Your mission is to help your ball go as far as possible! The ball's flight path must be adjusted so that it jumps on moving platforms to the beat of the music. Be careful not to let the ball fall or run into any barriers.

You can choose from a variety of tracks, including EDM, rock, pop, piano, and guitar. In addition, you have many color and shape options for your background and balls.

Some tips for you

  • Always keep an eye on the tile closest to you. You can always succeed if you aim for the next tile.
  • You should wear headphones. It can be simple to manage your time after you cut off contact with the outside world. This is because the bass notes and the jump of the ball often overlap. As a result, you'll be able to hear the beat and perfectly time your actions.
  • Diamonds should be saved. The diamonds can be used to buy more attractive race tracks or balls. Songs are a better investment than new balls because they give you more to do. Instead, to earn a new ball, watch the video and save your diamonds for the level.
  • You should be aware of the successes. You can get diamonds and boost your confidence by completing certain achievements. Reaching a goal like ten perfect jumps in a row is tough. Other things, such as unlocking certain tracks, are things you'll gain over time.
Have Fun!